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Tree Removal Services

tree removal service

Prestigious Tree approaches each job with the same dedication to excellence, whether we are using tree pruners to cut one branch or a crane to cut trees down overhanging your house.  No matter the type of service you need, Prestigious Tree can solve your tree-related problem.

Tree Services

  • Hazard Tree Removal

Trees can create a serious hazard to people and property. Let us help you avoid costly and potentially tragic problems down the road, by removing such trees. Cutting down trees requires skill and expertise, and is no task for amateurs and homeowners. Call Prestigious Tree today for safe, effective tree removal – Massachusetts deserves only the best.

  • Routine Trimming and Pruning

Most trees benefit from regular maintenance to remove dead limbs. In fact, removing a small dead limb today can prevent fungus and decay from overtaking the tree. Tree trimming is an effective and affordable tool for keeping your trees healthy.

  • Crown Raising

If the lower branches of a large tree are obstructing your view, or preventing you from walking under the tree, Prestigious Tree can remove some of these limbs, effectively raising the crown of the tree. Though the process sounds simple, the lowest branches of a tree are often the largest, and therefore the heaviest and most hazardous to work on.

  • Crown Thinning

When performing a crown thinning, Prestigious Tree will selectively remove branches from overly dense tree crowns. This can improve the tree’s response to wind and reduce the likelihood that the entire tree will blow over in a storm.

Chipping and Stump Removal Services

  • Chipping

Prestigious Tree not only chips branches and trees we remove, but we also offer chipping services for homeowners with an excess of cut wood on their hands. Let Prestigious Tree transform your unsightly pile of sticks into nutritious, all natural mulch today.

  • Stump Grinding

After you have trees cut down, you may want the stumps removed as well. Prestigious Tree is fully equipped to grind those ugly tree stumps down to the ground. Avoid fly-by-night companies and kids with rented stump grinders; hire professionals to fulfill your stump grinding needs.

  • Stump Removal

In some cases, it may be necessary or more advantageous to remove a stump completely, rather than grinding it down flush with the earth. Prestigious Tree has the tools, equipment and experience to make such jobs a breeze.

Landscape Services

  • Patio Installations

Prestigious Tree also performs professional patio installations. We have designed and installed patios made from a variety of materials, and at virtually any budget level – from modest backyard pathways a few yards in size, to elaborate, mutli-material mosaics that sit among water gardens and koi ponds.

  • Lawn Installation

Prestigious Tree offers professional lawn installation services. Many customers have us install a new lawn after performing tree removal services, to take advantage of the increased sunlight.

  • Walkways

Have Prestigious Tree design and install a wonderful walkway for your home. Whether you need a simple walkway a few feet long, or a winding path that crisscrosses your property, Prestigious Tree is the company for you.