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Hard to Get at Tree Removal

Hard to Get at Tree Removal

If you want to provide the best possible tree service, you need to have the best possible tools. Unlike unreliable outfits that spring up after bad weather, or fledgling companies that cannot handle the most complicated jobs, PrestigiousTree uses only the finest tools and equipment.

Tools of Tree Professionals

Like any professional outfit with more than 25 years of experience should, Prestigious Tree has a complete fleet of bucket trucks, cranes, chippers, stump grinders and all of the necessary hand tools to equip our employees with. However, Prestigious Tree stands above the crowd, wielding one of the most sophisticated tools available for tree care: a tracked lift.

Tending Trees in Tight Places

Many tree services must remove fences, traverse through beloved gardens or use someone else’s property to gain access to trees in tight locations. That is not the case with Prestigious Tree – we use a tracked lift to access places that most other services cannot.

A tracked lift is a mechanical device that raises a tree professional high off the ground so that he can access and work on the tree. While similar to the articulated arm on a bucket truck, a tracked lift is somewhat similar to a small skid steer or earth mover; it is an independent vehicle that uses tracks rather than wheels to move around. The tracks provide much better traction than wheels can, and this allows us to move the lift into areas with lose soil, slippery mud or uneven terrain.

Prestigious Tree’s Tracked Lift

Our tracked lift can access very tight locations, and safely remove trees that are overhanging structures or roofs. Measuring just 84 inches tall and 42 inches wide, we can easily maneuver our lift into and through tight spaces. Because of the lift’s articulating arm, we can even reach over fences and other obstacles to reach trees in need of service. This lift provides some of its greatest value when a tight cluster of trees require service – the unit’s articulating arm allows us to tend to several trees without having to return to the ground or reposition the unit. Our tracked lift has a number of other uses as well, and is helpful for holiday light installation and removal, servicing elevated lights and installing solar panels. The tracked lift can even operate indoors!

 Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can put our lift to work for you.